Online Essays and Commentary about John Gardner’s Life & Work

By John Gardner

“Big Deals” Review of William Gaddis’s novel JR. 

About John Gardner

“Audio Interview with John C. Gardner.” Don Swaim and Gil Gross interview John Gardner in 1981 on Swaim’s long-running CBS Radio show, Book Beat.

[URL no longer available] “War of Words. ” Relive the “Baltimore’s Most Notorious Literary Tussle”–between Gardner and John Barth in this Baltimore City Paper article by John Barry.

“John Gardner Biography: ‘Literary Outlaw.'” NPR Weekend Edition report by Tom Vitale on the new biography by Barry Silesky, John Gardner: Literary Outlaw.

“The Great NPR Program You Never Heard.” NPR “Reporter’s Notebook” article by Bob Malesky about Gardner’s radio ambitions.

“Gilgamesh-by Gardner”. Article on Gardner’s last major translation by Gardner’s friend and colleague, John Maier, who also worked on that project.

“John Gardner as Mentor”. Autobiographical article by author Charles Johnson.

“The Twelve Chapters of Grendel”. Exporation of the philosophical systems informing each chapter of the novel, by Craig J. Stromme.

“Grendel and Beowulf Were Two Pretty Boys” by F. W. Bateson. Review of both Beowulf and Grendel.

“What’s Eating William Gass?” by Gary Percesepe.  This review of William Gass’s novel The Tunnel mentions John Gardner’s dissatisfaction with Gass’s literary sensibilities.

“Saints, sinners, and the Dickensian novel: the ethics of storytelling in John Irving’s ‘The Cider House Rules’” by Todd F. Davis. Contains a few thoughts by Irving on Gardner in comparison to William Gass.

“Academic Vaudeville”. Review by Thomas R. Edwards of The King’s Indian: Stories and Tales. 

“Epic Overreach”. Review by D. S. Carne-Ross of Jason & Medeia.

“Flirting with Disintegration”. Review by Michael Wood of Nickel Mountain.

“New Fall Fiction”, Review by Michael Wood of The Sunlight Dialogues. The full text of this piece is only available to subscribers of the New York Review ‘s electronic edition.

“The Not-So-Light Fantastic”. Review by Michael Wood ofOctober Light.

“The Temptations of Chaucer”. Review by of The Life and Times of Chaucer and The Poetry of Chaucer.

“Good Grief!” Review by Robert Towers of On Moral Fiction.

“Stranger than Nonfiction”. Review by Roger Sale of Freddy’s Book.

“So Big”. Review by Robert Towers of Mickelsson’s Ghosts.

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